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Just AnimalsSeason 1

JUST ANIMALS … a spectacular celebration of the world’s wildlife. In this engaging series of documentaries, favourite creatures have been singled out and showered with attention, having a full episode dedicated to each. Every fascinating aspect of their lives is delved into … physical attributes, sensory perceptions, communications skills, plus extraordinary behaviours and ingenious adaptations.

Learn about amazing physical attributes, such as the 40,000 muscles in an elephant’s trunk, and sensory perceptions, like the way a polar bear can smell a seal that’s 32 kilometres away. See various Communication techniques in action, such as hippos baring their razor sharp tusks in dominance displays and lion’s emitting their deafening roars. Marvel at extraordinary behaviours, like the famous Wildebeest migration and the breathtaking sight of whales breaching and fin slapping. Gain a better understanding of various ingenious adaptations, such as the natural shield protecting a turtle’s body and how the majority of birds have light, hollow bones which lighten the load during flight.

Observe them in their natural habitats. Saunter the African savanna with herds of grazing antelope. Cruise the ocean with a pod of dolphins. Rest in the cool branches with a leopard as it patiently waits for nightfall. Head to a salmon-rich stream for fishing lessons with brown bear cubs. Admire the architectural skills of birds as they weave their nests. See a rhino use a rock to sharpen its horn.

Accompany animals on tremendous journeys. Be astounded at the navigational instincts of marine turtles, able to travel thousands of kilometres back to their exact birth beaches to lay their own precious nests. Witness their births and see them grow and develop. Venture into the mysterious folds of a kangaroo’s pouch and be charmed by the antics of curious Joeys as they take their first hops.

Realise the important roles that all of these animals play in their chosen habitats. Some are primary consumers, acting like gardeners … nibbling and trimming vegetation, fertilising their surroundings and spreading seeds. Others are higher up the food chain, consuming prey animals and ensuring only the fittest survive within the entire ecosystem.

Gain insight about their family trees … how long they have roamed the planet, what their ancestors looked like and which animals in the modern world they have close ties with. Look into the cultural impact these creatures have made throughout history and find out what is being done to try and ensure they survive and thrive in the future.

Tour the globe and be intrigued, surprised and enthralled by the visual feast that is JUST ANIMALS.



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