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Rocket City Rednecks

Huntsville, Alabama, is also called “Rocket City” and is home to the “Rocket City Rednecks” – a group of real-life redneck geniuses who apply backwoods know-how to big questions in science, technology and engineering. Travis Taylor, the ringleader of the “Rocket City Rednecks”, has a PhD in engineering and Top Secret clearance with the U. S. government. Besides being typical Deep South, Huntsville is also the home of the U. S. Space and Rocket Center, where NASA began in the 1950s. When NASA, the Department of Defense, or private industry needs someone to solve a big scientific problem, Travis is their man. Joining him is a group of backwater Einsteins like Rog, a guy with a genius IQ of 160; Pete, an optical scientist who designs satellites at the U. S. Space and Rocket Center; and Travis’ dad Charles, one of NASA’s original engineers.

1. Hillbilly Armageddon
2. Moonshine Rocket Fuel
3. Junkyard Iron Man
4. Hillbilly Moon Buggy
5. Close Encounters of the Redneck Kind
6. Bomb-Proof my Pick-Up
7. Power my Party Boat
8. Rednecks to the Red Planet
9. Rocket-Powered Bass Boat
10. Backwoods Spy Satellite
11. 20.000 Kegs Under the Sea
12. Barreled (american english)
13. Tornado-Proof Outhouse
14. Hillbilly Fireworks
15. Talladega Tailgate
16. Radar-Proof Pick-Up
17. Trailer Power
18. Hillbilly Hovercraft
19. The War Wagon
20. Slingshot Into Orbit
21. Down Home Demolition
22. DIY Death Ray
23. Alabama Blast-Off
24. Lightning Gun
25. One-Man Helicopter
26. Superhero Super Suit
27. Sweet Drone Alabama
28. Rocket-Powered Pickup
29. Tsunami Survival Pod
30. All-Terrain Transformer
31. Full-Body Flak Jacket
32. Remote Control Demolition Derby
33. Papa John’s Pizza Bike
34. Jay Leno’s Steam Racer
35. Hunting with a Hero
36. Doomsday Bug-Out Bunker


36 × 30′
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Flight 33 Productions for National Geographic Channel
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