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Q: What sort of programs does ZDF Enterprises purchase?
A: The descriptions of the slots for the separate departments and genres on the ZDF Enterprises website provide a good idea of the kind of program that would be suitable and the quality we would require.

Q: What should I do if I want to offer a program for purchase?
A: Sending a synopsis one or two pages long would be enough as a first step. ZDF Enterprises will pass this on to the relevant department if it seems that the program has potential. If that department is interested it will request some screeners.

Q: What sort of information about the program should be contained in the initial synopsis
A: We would need some indication of content, length, writer and/or producer and production year; information on the size of the production budget might be helpful, as well as details of coproduction or other partners, if applicable.

Q: What would be the conditions applied to purchasing a program?
A: The purchase of each program is negotiated on an individual basis, so there are no standard conditions.