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Program Acquisitions

ZDF Enterprises’ team of program buyers attend all significant film and television markets throughout the world, and they negotiate the financial terms for all ZDF program purchases and coproductions. For many years now the ZDF Enterprises buyers’ team has enjoyed an excellent relationship with national and international distributors. In addition to fulfilling its mandate as service provider for ZDF, ZDF Enterprises also secures program licenses for its own marketing purposes.

Furthermore, on behalf of ZDF, ZDF Enterprises also negotiates licensing agreements for the broadcasters that ZDF is associated with. These include the German-French culture channel ARTE as well as 3sat, Phoenix, the Children’s Channel Kinderkanal and ZDF’s digital sector, which combines zdf_neo, zdfinfo and zdf.kultur.

In addition, when it is necessary to adapt programs for the requirements of regional markets ZDF Enterprises can make use of its logistic infrastructure, which provides reliable and efficient dubbing and material processing. Consequently the programs acquired on the international market are modified to meet the needs of German audiences, while at the same time German programs intended for other markets can be dubbed to the highest standards.


Volker Lehmann

Volker Lehmann

Vice President Acquisitions and Coproductions ZDF

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Genre Selections

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