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Each year a large number of classic program-companion books are published, in association with leading partners from the publishing industry. A whole range of books, from non-fiction works (self-help books, illustrated volumes and companions on historical, cultural and sociological subjects) to items of entertainment (novels based on series, ‘making-of’ books, travel and city guides, coffee-table books, cookbooks) and a wide variety of children’s books are initiated by high-quality ZDF programs and promoted as market successes. Magazines - such as the monthly "Dandelion" and the "H2O" magazines - also rank among the famous publishing projects. Among the most recent and successful examples of non-fiction works are the following companion books for documentaries, series, TV movies, cooking and show formats:

  • "Weltenbrand"-Dokumentation (documentary "Doomsday - WW I")
  • "Lafer, Lichter, Lecker", Gold Edition (Zabert Sandmann Verlag)
  • Mick Wewers "Fernsehgarten" book for craftsmen
  • "Die Beef Buddies" (outdoor cookbook)
  • Inga Lindström books
  • "Frauen, die Geschichte machten" ("Women who made history")

Among the successful fiction books and book series in the children's domain are:

  • "H2O - Just Add Water"
  • Mako Mermaids
  • Wolfblood
  • Dance Academy