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The story is about a double life that lies between family and the criminal underworld and it also is a story of the growing estrangement of two people who used to love each other.
This is a series about a child’s imagination of the polar region and the sort of fun you might have there. This is not a world of permanent darkness and frostbite but rather somewhere where you can slide, throw snowballs, build snowmen and gaze in awe at the Northern Lights.
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Every day, the family masters challenges together, supports and helps one another. But is it really the tight-knit community? In “4 for Family - The Big Family Competition”, three families compete to provide proof that this is the case!
The “Highway of Love” centers on the Chaussée d’Amour, an infamous Belgian thoroughfare lined with houses of ill repute. When Sylvia Carlier unexpectedly inherits one of these brothels following the untimely death of her father, she must make the best of a situation that seemingly can’t get any worse.
Scream Street is a 52 x 11 minute, funny, scary, gross-out stop-motion animation show. A fast-paced, stylish, comedy-horror extravaganza, based on the hit book series, following Luke Watson: a regular teen… apart from the werewolf gene!
This documentary examines some of the presidential campaigns that have changed America. Former campaigners journalists and researchers comment on the historical footage: TV debates, election broadcasts and public appearances...
Sound, sight, touch, smell, taste – It’s the believe-it-or-not game show where the star is nature itself and the tricks it loves to play on us. The object is to fool prominent guests into believing their senses when, in fact, their senses are pulling the wool over their eyes!
At the climax of the last series, audiences were left reeling as Spector, critically injured in a devastating ambush, lay bleeding in the arms of Detective Superintendent Stella Gibson...
“H2O – Mermaid Adventures” is a combination of comedy, friendship and adventures, both on land in Dolphin City and in a marvelous and magical undersea world.
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Unlike the children in the myths and stories, children who grow up without human beings have massive problems integrating themselves into society. The program specifically follows the fate of the young Ugandan boy John Ssebunya.
Having recently separated from her husband, neurosurgeon Valérie Rossier moves back to her native region of Gruyère with her son Lucas
Part-human, part-wolf, with extraordinary speed and senses, Wolfbloods live amongst us in secret able to transform at will. Friendships are tested to breaking point as a group of teens negotiate the battle between their wolf and human sides, forced to make decisions that will change the world.
In the 6th century AD, large parts of the world were affected by mysterious weather events causing temperature drop, crop failures and famines. All this might be the result of a large volcanic eruption in the tropics...
Berlin 1956: At a traditional dance school worlds collide and the struggle between prudishness and emancipation is carried out.
Come and meet Coconut, the Little Dragon. Based on best-selling books (over 6 million sold worldwide) the adventures of Coconut and his friends now come to life in a wonderful new animated series. Life is not always easy on Dragon Island – Coconut has flying problems, Oscar is the only vegetarian in his family and Matilda has no say as a porcupine on Dragon Island anyway.
The Celts' tribal homelands once ranged from Spain, England and France to Slovenia and Anatolia. Today, new archaeological findings sketch a much more precise portrait of the Celts. For almost a thousand years they broadly determined the history of Europe and kept Rome ever watchful...
A glamorous series that takes viewers to some of the world's most beautiful holiday spots, to exotic ports and palm-lined beaches. A cruise on board a luxury liner - for many people this is a dream of a lifetime. And what happens when they finally realize their dream? The results can be humorous, dramatic or sentimental - and are always very human.