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Straight to Your Heart - The Mallorca Edition

The stars of the hit daily soap “Forbidden Love” are now entering a new world of love, heartache and intrigue that will go “Straight to Your Heart.” The hugely successful series is a top performer among daily dramas in Germany, with a steadily increasing viewership. And with its new look, new talents and new storylines, it’s on its way to capturing new audience segments! Along with the glamour that makes this soap so unique, the series is now enhanced with a variety of new and exciting young talents. The stories now revolve more intensively around family and friends, love and temptation. Now produced in HD quality, “Straight to Your Heart” has a modern look, spectacular settings and top production values. Viewers can expect stories with a surprisingly light touch, more stylish, urban visuals, Spanish sun and bold protagonists!


150 × 45′
  • HD
  • B2B
Produced by
GrundyUFA TV Produktions GmbH
Miriam Lahnstein, Wolfram Grandezka, Isa Jank, Hubertus Grimm a. o.
Brochure (399.26 KB)